08 July 2011

Graduation Ceremony

 my mom is the one wearing the black suit

My daddy

Primark blouse
Zara skirt
YSL shoe
Gucci bag

Finally, my graduation ceremony was today. I signed THE paper today, I'm so happy and proud of myself. I officially received my title of master of science of accountancy & control.
My parents came from Curacao for the week to be there with me on this very important day, my friends and my love were also there. It does not feel like a big change yet but it soon will be, the life of a career women is getting here and i think I'm kind of prepared for it ;). I got a job at one of the big 4 accountancy firms and will be moving soon back to Curacao. I will miss Amsterdam very much but I'm ready to leave. Anyway i really wanted to wear my new YSL shoes, aren't they just gorgeous, i figure everyone would be wearing blazers which indeed they did so i wanted to wear something quite different but still chic and appropriate, what do you think?

YSL totem sculpture wedge

These are my new love, my first Yves Saint Laurent item. I saw these babies on a blog once and then again and again in other magazines, and finally net-a-porter began their sale and these babies had a 50% off. They were still kind of expensive however worth it every penny. The pointy golden heel is the main attraction. CAN'T WAIT TO WEAR THEM.

04 July 2011

Gold and black

Zara red blazer (old)
Hugo boss orange jeans
Gucci tote bag
Nine west sandals

As a big fan of transformers I couldn't resist to go watch the third sequel yesterday, i thought it was good but definitely think it could have been better. Still I recommend it to everyone to go watch it. I wore a red blazer from Zara, old one, and my nine west gold and black sandals. I have these sandals like for 3 years now and as before yesterday they haven't seen many daylights. I forgot how cute and comfortable they were. I would want to wear them more often but what about the others that are also stored for at least one year in their box. I need to start wearing them all ;)