30 October 2011

Sequins and sunlight

Random bracelet ( bought many years ago) and American Apparel overall pouch

Gucci gold metallic pump

Zara sequin skirt, H&M top en Diesel sunglasses

I've always thought that sequins clothing looks the best in the day, the light of the sun has a greater effect than when at night.  Have a great week guys.

23 October 2011

Clear wedges

Forever 21 blouse and H&M short (old)

Aldo clear wedges and vintage clutch

Hope you're having a nice sunday


 New-in all from forever 21, three blouses, one skirt en some jewelry. Gotta love online shopping

16 October 2011

Dolce & Gabbana satin sandals

Prada bag and D&G sunglasses

Mango jumpsuit (old) and zara woven belt

Dolce & Gabbana satin sandals

Forever 21 necklace
Nothing than a simple chic sandal to make an outfit sophisticated.
Having a great weekend, hope you are having one too!!

15 October 2011

Meet my new babies

Really nice package, very attent to details. LOVE IT!!

I've heard about mytheresa.com before but I always forget to search on it most of the time, last weekend a accidentally found myself on their website and boy I'm sooo glad iIdid. They have an amazing shoe collection and more but also one of the fastest shipping service ever. It took only three days, the items came all the way from Munich to the carribean. Just amazing. I was thorn between these Mary Jane MIU MIU 's and the metallic LANVIN, I couldn't choose so I ended up buying both. What can i say, I'm loving having a well paid job :)

11 October 2011

Cute tube top

D&G sunnies

huge pancakes

H&M pleaded pants, Bershka tube top, and zara sandals (old)

I finnaly got a day off work, today was the day that Curacao became independent and does not form part anymore of the Netherlands Antilles. My mom and I went to this beach they renovate, they created this cozy feeling with many lounges and great entertainment. I'll be going more often as it close to my home. How lucky am i???