25 April 2011

Bubblegum pink


Bershka nude top
Primark hot pink pants
Nine west nude sandal
Prada nude bag
Vintage leave necklace
Ray Ban sunglasses

Happy Easter to you all, I had a great time yesterday. Even though i live far away from my family i still got my BF to keep me accompanied. We went to have lunch/dinner, and walked the city for a while. It was only the two of us but sometimes that's what takes to make me happy. I'm going to Miami next Thursday and i will see my parents, so I'm very happy but at the same time very busy working on my thesis. I recall writing my bachelor thesis past year and i was done for this time around however this year it seems to take what longer. I mean I'm collecting data, calculating things writing results as crazy, anything to finish it for the month may!! Enough about me, hope you guys had a great Easter weekend and make the best of this week.

P.S aren't these pants amazing, love love the color :)

16 April 2011

Bright lips


Zara dress & parka
Asos peep toe clogs
Prada bag

I'm working day and night on my master thesis and really needed a break yesterday. My cousin is also working on her thesis and so we decided to go have some drinks. I didn't love the color of this lipstick until yesterday that i putted it one and everyone thought its was nice. My BF really sold me on it, he siad i look interesting.. hihihi. The weather in Holland is seeming to get better and better. I can't remember having 20 degrees Celsius before the month of may. However i cannot enjoy it like i want to because I'm constantly working on school projects or the thesis. I hope to finish soon!!

10 April 2011

Into the navy

(P.S, this is the nail patch art with the cheetah print form the previous post, so what do you think)


Villa navy satin blazer
H&M navy lace blouse + bracelets
Zara gold skirt
Ruby Brown velvet suede oxfords
Prada nude bag
Diesel sunglasses

I'm in love with this blazer, the color and the texture is so beautiful. Anyway, didn't do much today, I went to one of my fave spot and had lunch with my cousin who happens to be my best friend. It seemed like it took forever for the day to end. But I'm of to sleep now, I'm so tired....

09 April 2011

All of the sunlights

hype me on lookbook.nu
SOHO NY red ruffled dress
Forever21 denim jacket & leaves necklace
Primark & H&M rings
Random black wedge boots
D&G blue/navy bag
Ray ban sunglasses

I've never been a fan of make-up, I have only the necessary. However, since I'm on a fashion diet I shifted my shopping to other things, make up among others. SEPHORA has sale on its make-up and I couldn't resist to take a peek. I ended buying a nude lipstick and really pretty nail patch art. The patch is like a sticker that you can fully apply on your nails. I tried the cheetah print and I'm LOVING it. I promise to post them next time.

On the other hand, the weather has been amazing these days here in Amsterdam ; the sun is finally shedding his light on us. Moreover, tomorrow is 18 degrees Celsius, can't wait to go to some of my fave spots and enjoy the day. I really need a break away from working on  my Master thesis.