27 December 2011

Christmas lunch

F21 mint blouse and navy dress and D&G navy bag

Balenciaga suede chain sandal

My family always celebrate Christmas with a lunch, we've been to almost every hotel, restaurants on the island. This year we had lunch at the Renaissance Hotel.

Christmas eve 2011

Vintage earrings

Vintage dress from Beyondretro.com, amazing combination of sequins and lace, paired with Lanvin pink mettalic sandals

Hope you had a verry merry christmas, only 5 days before year end !!!

24 December 2011

Happy Holidays

This year we decide to have a big Christmas tree center of our back patio. I was in charge of decorating it. think i did pretty well. The only thing that is upsetting me is that i finally moved back to my island for the "great"weather, and this year the rain decided to follow me all the way from Amsterdam were i used to live. It kind of sucks very much!!

123 black lace dress and L.A.M.B booties


Work year end party

French connection pleaded maxi dress

MIU MIU nude pumps

(P.S noticed my long hair hihihi)

I had so much fun at my works year end party , we had live entertainment of popular local artists and great food. I'm looking forward for next year. I've been very busy these days, someone i love is going through a very hard time and so i rather be there for him. I will try my best to update more frequently.