10 April 2011

Into the navy

(P.S, this is the nail patch art with the cheetah print form the previous post, so what do you think)


Villa navy satin blazer
H&M navy lace blouse + bracelets
Zara gold skirt
Ruby Brown velvet suede oxfords
Prada nude bag
Diesel sunglasses

I'm in love with this blazer, the color and the texture is so beautiful. Anyway, didn't do much today, I went to one of my fave spot and had lunch with my cousin who happens to be my best friend. It seemed like it took forever for the day to end. But I'm of to sleep now, I'm so tired....


  1. love the blazer! & those cheetah printed nails are hot

  2. I love these pieces together. I love the way you paired up the shirt and blazer...

    Follow me back please.

  3. I'm really diggin your style! You got style for days and i'm happy that you started a blog! Now i will be stalking you LOL (in a good way) I love the outfit colors, and those shoes are H.A.U.T.E!

  4. I think TY and I are your official stalkers...lol... LOVE the shoes and nails!