16 April 2011

Bright lips


Zara dress & parka
Asos peep toe clogs
Prada bag

I'm working day and night on my master thesis and really needed a break yesterday. My cousin is also working on her thesis and so we decided to go have some drinks. I didn't love the color of this lipstick until yesterday that i putted it one and everyone thought its was nice. My BF really sold me on it, he siad i look interesting.. hihihi. The weather in Holland is seeming to get better and better. I can't remember having 20 degrees Celsius before the month of may. However i cannot enjoy it like i want to because I'm constantly working on school projects or the thesis. I hope to finish soon!!


  1. Good luck on your Master thesis paper. I can't imagine writing one. I'm the worst person when it comes to writing papers.

  2. love everthing that sparkles! it sucks being busy with school all the time, especially writing papers! but i guess it does help thst your cuz i going thru the same thing that way you both can tackle it together! you look fab though! xoxo Ty