18 August 2012

B-Day mix

My birthday was on the 15th of august, (23 years old) I had a trip to Aruba booked long time ago. I have not been there in almost 7 years and since it's so close to Curacao I decided to go there for my b-day. I really wanted to relax and do nothing more, so I did in company with my loved ones. We stayed at the Marriott & Stellaris hotel, which was very nice and service was the best I experienced in years plus amazing food and close to the beach with different pools. I had allot of fun.

Love culture pants and scaloped top, wet & seal sandal, Prada bag and Chloe sunglasses

Marriot hotel room

At the pool wearing Charlotte Russe green swimwear and Gucci  sunglasses

Surrounded by palm trees just makes me proud to have been born in the Caribbean

Have an amazing weekend, you guys!

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