11 March 2011


(Knitted top: Primark; Skinny: Only, Sandals: Gucci, Bag: Prada, Rings and earings: Primark and H&M, Headband: New yorker, Blue Nailpolish: H&M)

I really love this top, so fun and chic at the same time. I'm usually not that lucky with Primark stores but this time a scored big. But really, I was pretty lucky these past couple of months, I've found many good things on sale and these Gucci shoes were not the exeption. They are so comfortable and even though they are of past season, block heels are so in right now and white goes with everything. Can't get better than that. I'm not used to wear rings but i thought these were so chic, i try them. I mus say the gold one was a little uncomfortable, but it's still worth wearing.


  1. I love the outfit! You seriously favor Beyonce... I don't know if you've gotten that before..maybe its just me lol.


  2. Love all the details! And so i guess i am not the first one to say you look like bey! :) xoxo Ty